old man

He waited 92 years to confront
an 18-wheeler in his path, then drove
his crumpled Grand Marquis
into the night. I chased after,
couldn’t see for the shadows
and the trees
so I cried out at the top
of my small voice,
“Old man! I need from you
only a tardy slip.
I am late for poetry.”

Photo: Back Seat 2 by Evert-Jan van Scherpenzeel


  1. So…how long have you been writing these? If you tell me 2 days, I’ll quit RIGHT NOW. I’m already so overwhelmed and intimidated by so much of what I find from my friends out here – but this stuff is just gloriously fun to discover.

    • Oh, Diana, I love you.

      Most of them, you can find in facebook threads where L.L. was teasing me about a poetic something or other. This one I offered in explanation for not showing up for the last Tweetspeak fracas.

      So, technically, more than two days. I just posted them all the same day when I built the playground here.

      The thing is, and I’m more than just a little embarrassed by this for some reason, I realized I actually like doing it. So. There. I think I’m kinda stuck, then. 😉

      • Well, this is an absolutely lovely way/place to be stuck, then. I’m missing most of the Tweetspeak stuff lately. Not sure why – I’m on for inbox stuff from all of L.L’s sites. Years ago, I used to write a poem occasionally, but for some reason, it feels really intimidating just now. I don’t know enough about structures/forms/vocab – so I just don’t go there. Maybe I’ll borrow some of your chuzpah and try again.

  2. What a fun time at the playground tonight! Love all of these…and Diana, scrap the structures/forms/vocab… put a thought to paper… and go with the flow. If you saw some of my early poetry, you’d laugh… it’s all in the exact same rhythm and everything rhymed. gag. Ten years from now, I’ll be saying the same thing about what I am writing now. Well, except for the rhyming part… =)

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