hot tub, frozen

A man in bright Bermuda shorts tapped
a chisel against the ice
to free a wide-eyed yellow duck
caught swimming and mid-squeak
when the cold snapped

His wife laced up hockey skates
on winter white legs
and sniffled that they don’t
wear flannel in Florida

I poked fingers into frozen pipes and
advised it is our policy to bathe indoors
when thermometers read zero and
deductibles do not

Photo: Ducks on the run by Chris Greene
In response to this request:


  1. Awww. This brought memories of the rubber ducks swimming in Mom’s hot tub.

  2. This one made me laugh outloud. I surely hope it was supposed to. :>)

    • Word Adjuster

      It was supposed to, Diana. Glad it did the trick.

      In my work-world, it is very, very easy to become cynical and jaded and treat people’s loss and pain as something far less than it truly is. I want to bear witness to their experience, and that’s hard to do sometimes. I’m hoping I can do it here. But the thing is, sometimes that’s a poignant image while other times it’s cracking up. (And a lot of my new-found poetic license. 😉 )

  3. I just took the mid-squeak and turned it into a full bodied guffaw. ; )

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