breakfast table

She eats fear with morning coffee
chunks of ash, black in her mouth
worries cinders
between delicate fingers
mixed with a trickle
from her cheek to spread
on burnt toast



  1. sadness.
    what an overwhelming emotion.

  2. and you
    find beauty
    in ruin,
    lift it high
    for all to ponder

  3. I’m familiar with that particular diet. Well said. I’ve walked with people I love through wildfire destruction. Fear becomes a very familiar companion. To say nothing of just the ordinary, everyday variety.

  4. Now how am I going to get over my fear of fire, hanging around with you? 🙂 (Three of my childhood homes burned down. That’s pretty much all of them.)

  5. Lyla…..what an image. wow.

  6. Oh, Lyla. Could we at least sprinkle some honey and cinnamon on the toast? :}

  7. Wow. Oh. Wow.

    as the incense from smoldered dreams wisps upward…

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