None seemed to feel
when the earth turned
over and spun
the other way

Sitting in rooms
I wanted
to leave I said
words I wanted
to stifle, heard

answers I wanted
to  swallow
like bad medicine
spewing back upstream

When bedrock pitched
rapids tore open
split me in two

The rest turned
on one heel to keep face
to the wind and
never felt it change



  1. reading this I am overwhelmed by the weight of your job and thankful that you have this place to displace some of the weight … and that you know the One who carries it with/beside you…

    on a side note… are these all new poems? Have you had them stored up and hidden somewhere and now just posting? Did you get your PhD in poetry somewhere and not tell us? Do not slough this off as nothing … you are a gifted poet.

  2. you and bj are pulling ’em off left and right.

  3. Thanks, Davis. 😉

    Pat, this was one I ran at my usual house last year. It was more personal than work-related. But the rest, yes, new. I don’t have much saved up as it’s not a thing I’ve done much with except on those occasions, like this one, when full sentences and actual details escaped me. I think that’s part of the real appeal. Thank you for your encouragement. It’s a different place for me to operate from.

  4. the end of this… chilling. And now, after saying that, I’m all the more enchanted by your choice of photo to pair with this.

  5. Oh, wow. chilling is a good word for it. thank you, Lyla.

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