party line

We found the surprise tied
with yellow ribbon,
bow hanging loose
on the door. Broken
glass said the piñata had
already burst open,
its bulging sides struck
with long handles and
black bottomed boots.
The invitation said Do Not
but the first thing we did
was cross it.



  1. llbarkat

    great images; love that ending.

  2. nancy

    ran away with the candy…

  3. Jody Collins

    you have permission to do those things, yes?

  4. pastordt

    wow. sometimes I worry about you and that job. I love watching this kind of stuff in tv procedurals – but you going in there? gives me the heebies a little.

  5. This makes me think of one of the most beloved members of our community, Officer Ayala. He crosses those yellow lines. He also writes poetry.

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